Two Guns studio was founded and opened in November 2010 by Peter James from Australia. It was my idea  to open a Australian style tattoo studio in Bali, meaning that Two Guns health standards are the same  standards that are put in place in Australia, same rules and regulations the government in Australia put in  place for all tattoo studio’s, so those strict regulations apply with my studio in Bali. As many people may not  be aware that here in Bali you can do and be tattooed anywhere you want, any environment no sterilizations, it’s a joke. So I have opened a studio with Australian health standards in Bali not only for the well being of  my customers health it’s also for my personal satisfaction,having a sterile and clean studio for western  people or any person for that matter that want a tattoo in Bali and someone the customer can trust. We are  right in the heart of Bali, kuta legian Jl. Patih Jelantik No. 204 x Kuta Legian. {see map for details}  Two Guns Studio Bali Two Guns Studio Bali